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Technology of Repairs


The automobile repair process has changed a lot in the last 60 years.  Today we use laser measuring systems, "VELOCITY", to measure frames and structures. With the introduction of highly powerful hydraulic frame machines, "THE CHIEF TITAN", used for pulling the vehicle to original specs, we can repair the vehicle without compromising the structural integrity of the vehicle.   We also use computer controlled spot welders to reproduce welds created by the factory.  Our “Pro Spot” brand welder, is the only spot welder certified by General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler.    This welder helps us return the vehicle to pre-accident condition. 

Freon recovery units help insure the removal of the Freon gas as safe as possible for the environment and the people around the gas.  This unit also allows the gas to be removed slowly and safely while preventing damage to the air-conditioning systems.

In our paint shop we use natural gas powered heated stray booths, which will heat the vehicle to around one hundred and ninety degrees, about the temperature a vehicle will get in a sunny parking lot on a nice Florida summer day.  This allows the paint to dry and cure faster to insure the paint is truly ready for delivery.   Our paint mixing system is state of the art, provided by “PPG” Paint Company, which enables us to mix paint by the ounce, reducing waste.   Meisner Paint and Body and PPG provide a lifetime warranty on all paint work for as long as you own your vehicle.  The technological advances in our industry have given Meisner Paint and Body the ability to provide you with the best repairs possible for you and our community.


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